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Lorandos & Associates  

214 N. 4th Ave.  

Ann Arbor, MI  48104  

(734) 327-5030  


Litigation is our credo, and within the area of litigation, our work is wide-ranging, encompassing everything from business litigation to highly-contested divorce cases, partnership disputes to commercial litigation, white-collar crime to employment litigation.  We are routinely retained in complex cases all over the United States.

We do not claim to be a "full service" law firm.  It is well known that few litigators, especially at major "full service" law firms, have significant jury trial experience.  At trial, a client’s net worth may be at stake, and disasters often loom on the horizon.  It’s not a time for learning on the job.  Unlike most "full service" law firms, we go to trial.  Often, at the eleventh hour just before trial begins, we are brought in to replace existing counsel or step in as lead counsel to try the case.  We have been brought in even after a trial has begunand won.

District attorneys, federal and state prosecutors, and opposing lawyers know of our record and know we do not hesitate to go to trial.  That’s why we can negotiate settlements others can’t.

We also invest a percentage of our time in representing plaintiffs in cases on either a full or partial contingent fee basis.  We represent meritorious claims and invite discussions concerning alternative fee arrangements.

Our goal is simple: to be on the short list of the best trial lawyers under consideration for major litigation anywhere.