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Two local attorneys, members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, said that they had never seen a similar case won in the 30 plus years they had been practicing in the area.  The client had everything stacked against him:  Muslim, affluent and Republican in blue-collar Democratic town, and intensely negative press coverage that blanketed the jury pool.

Two things won this case: (1) a very aggressive investigation plan; and (2) a very aggressive pre-trial motion plan.  A team of investigators collected everything they could find on the former temporary employees who had made the accusations.  In addition, the team traveled across three states to locate a crucial friendly witness.  Next, the prosecution was hit hard with a series of pre-trial motions in which the personal knowledge aspect of the alleged victims was put to intense psychological scrutiny.  Steps were also taken in the media to counteract the intensely negative pre-trial coverage.

The prosecution realized its case had been devastated and dropped all charges the day of the trial.


Federal prosecutors charged our client, an owner of a prominent construction company, of conspiring to smuggle aliens into the U.S. from eastern European countries.  After thorough investigation, motion hearings, and negotiations, the federal prosecutors agreed to settle the case for a fine and probation.  No jail time.


A Lorandos & Associates’ client, a software consultant corporation, hired software engineers from India, China, and other countries.  One of the client’s employees breached his employment agreement and defected to a rival software corporation, taking trade secrets with him.  Our attorneys, after a thorough investigation, filed a detailed complaint.  The errant employee immediately settled to the satisfaction of our client.


Our client, an architect, faced serious liability as the result of a roof collapse during one of his projects.  After extensive discovery and motion hearings, and well-researched briefs, the case evaluation panel awarded zero damages against our client.  The case was dropped.


A lawsuit-happy patient decided that our client, a medical professional, had a nice building that was ripe for the taking.  She informed the local police that the client was committing sexual acts during her medical visits.  The police and the state’s attorney general collaborated to send the woman back with a hidden video camera to tape several visits.  Next, the police and the attorney general found two local "experts" in the same medical specialty to testify that what the client had done was unethical, incompetent, and completely sexual in orientation.  At trial, the district attorney showed the video, got testimony from the local "experts" and even got another patient to blurt out during her testimony "He did sexual stuff to me too!"  Again, our team used the science and the published research in the scientific journals to cross-examine the witnesses.  The result: not guilty of all charges.


Our client found himself involved in a RICO and Ponzi scheme nightmare, facing bankruptcy and worse.  Our aggressive research and representation in the suit and depositions brought the opponents to their knees.  The money that had been lost by our client was more than repaid in the settlement won by our attorneys.


When a former beauty queen decided to divorce our client, she conspired to have him charged with attempted homicide.  She manipulated the judge into violating our client's rights by having him illegally arrested and charged.  Our senior attorney sued the judge in federal court and got him removed from the case.  After an intense investigation of the facts and negotiation with prosecutors, the case was settled - our client plead guilty to shouting in public.  Then we got him his house, his business,  and his kids.  The former beauty queen was restricted to visits after she got therapy.