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 Our Mission


When clients hire trial lawyers, they don't want someone to "handle" their cases; they want someone to win them.


Lorandos & Associates  

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At Lorandos and Associates, we are committed to aggressively pursuing  every claim or defense available to our clients under the law.  In fact, we often succeed in persuading the courts to make good law or to flesh out the concrete principles in the grey areas of jurisprudence.

Litigation Is Our Specialty

Litigation is all we do at Lorandos and Associates.  However, we are not merely paper litigators and we do not merely handle cases.  We are trial lawyers and are well known for our ability to explain and defend a case to a jury.  We are equally adept at the less visible aspects of defending clients:  pre-indictment investigation, writing motions in limine to limit or admit evidence and shape a case, negotiating with prosecutors and enforcement agencies, and in unlikely scenarios, appealing adverse verdicts to higher courts.  We draw upon our versatility and depth of experience to do whatever it takes to get the best possible results for our clients.

We Take Care of Our Clients

At Lorandos and Associates, we don’t just care about our cases, we care about the people we represent.  We recognize that a party in litigation—even a minor one— isn’t merely in trouble, but in crisis.  We believe that our job includes helping our clients come through this difficult period with the competence, dignity, and support they need to get their lives back on track.

Also, in today’s society, we believe that the media impact greatly the outcome of the case.  We believe in working the media to our advantage.  At the same time, we try to protect our clients from negative or unwanted media spotlight.  If publicity cannot be avoided, our extensive media experience helps us ensure that press coverage is more positive than it might otherwise be.

We Are Fighters

Let’s face it—we are mercenaries.  Our clients come to us because they want us to be their sword and shield in the fight to protect their rights.  That philosophy guides the entire Lorandos and Associates team in every case we take on.  When we accept a case, we focus solely on the needs of our clients, and we do whatever we can to win for our client within the boundaries of the law.  We fight—every day, in every phase of a case—to win.

We Play By the Rules

In fighting hard and winning for our clients, we play by the rules.  As officers of the court, credibility is our stock in trade.  We are proud of our record, but prouder still of how we win and why we win.  We don’t hide documents; we don’t mis-cite cases; we don’t misrepresent; we don’t mislead; we don’t twist the truth.  Some call it winning the hard way.  We call it winning the right way.  We believe it is the only way.  When we enter a case, opposing counsel know that we mean business.

We Value Good Legal Research and Writing Skills

First and foremost, we are trial lawyers, but we recognize that our clients are best served if a case can be won without trial.  We also acknowledge that an overwhelmingly large number of cases settle out of court.  Many cases that do go to trial are won before the jury is even seated—by motions to dismiss, for summary judgment or other motions that shape the way the case is presented.  We believe motions should be won on paper before the hearing.  We take pride in our legal research and writing skills.  We balance excellence with cost-effectiveness, knowing that our briefs are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

We Work As a Team

We value teamwork.  Our firm was built on supporting each other.  It is commonplace for our attorneys to brainstorm, ask for examples and suggestions, hand briefs to a fresh pair of eyes for comment, and help out in mock trials.  We also recognize the importance of investigators, paralegals, and expert witnesses in litigation and work with them at every state of litigation.  When we win, we recognize the victory belongs to the whole team—those in court as well as to those behind the scenes.

We Win

We value winning.  We believe that in litigation there are winners and losers, and we do not sleep well when we lose.  When clients hire trial lawyers, they do not want someone to handle their cases; they want someone to win them.  Ours is a very competitive business.  Winning one lawsuit is only an intermediate goal.  The ultimate goal is satisfying clients and winning the opportunity to try more of their cases.

We Love What We Do

We love and value our profession.  We value it not only for the richness of experience it offers, but also for its fulfillment and a chance to make difference in our clients’ lives.  And though we are fighters, at the end of the day we do "as adversaries do in law—strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends."  Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew, I, 2.